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The Certified Close Protection Agent (CCPA) is a professional accreditation program designed for those protection agents who are dedicated to improving their professional development. Everyone knows that MD following an individual’s name means he or she is a medical doctor. And CPA signifies the individual has met standards and fulfilled requirements to be a certified public accountant. The stringent criteria for the CCPA certification will benefit you by showing employers and your colleagues your proven competency in the personal protection field.

IAPPA offers experienced personal protection agents and/or others that are involved in close protection operations the opportunity to become an IAPPA Certified Close Protection Agent (CCPA). The IAPPA Certified Close Protection Agent is a “seal of approval” that shows that you are a skilled close protection operator.



Why should I become certified?


Security professionals from all over the world have to prove their skills when applying for a close protection job. The certification is a “seal of approval” provided by an international known organization, that shows that you are skilled in close protection operations and that your experience and training has been reviewed by the IAPPA Certification Board. The board consists of security experts and law enforcement professionals with many years of experience from high level close protection details.


Certified Personal Protection Agent certification for a variety of reasons.

  • Personal satisfaction
  • Recognition from colleagues
  • Advancement Opportunities


How do I become certified?


In order to become an IAPPA Certified Close Protection Agent the applicant must have documented experience in close protection operations (executive protection and/or vip security) and provide the certification board with references and information about past and present clients, training and experience.


Candidates wishing to take the IAPPA Certification as Certified Close Protection Agent must satisfy the following minimum requirements:


Minimum of Four (4) years proven full-time employment experience or Six (6) years part-time from the Close Protection Operations field. This can be in a local, national or private security organization that provides close protection, corporate security (executive protection), entertainment and vip security services.


Have completed specialized security and/or law enforcement/armed forces training in close protection. Please contact us if you are uncertain about your formal training background.


The applicant must not have been convicted of any criminal offense that would reflect negatively on the Personal Protection Agent profession, the IAPPA, or the certification program.

(A police good conduct certificate must be attached to the application)


The CCPA program is available to IAPPA members and non-members alike.




99€ IAPPA Members

129€ non Members


If you are interested to get the CCPA Certification, please contact the Headquarter




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