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IAPPA Membership is offered to professionals all over the world that are involved in personal protection operations and other related special security operations. Below you can see the types of membership that we offer and read more about membership requirements.


It is very important that you read the F.A.Q (frequently asked questions) before you decide to join IAPPA or before you contact us. 

The F.A.Q. can be read here

Regular Membership

Show others that you are a true professional…


Professional membership is open to those security professionals who are working in the protective services field as executive protection agents and vip security specialists; sworn law enforcement personnel and active duty or reserve military personnel whose duties may involve personal protection; and persons employed by a security or private investigation firm whose duties may involve personal protection and to those that are involved in witness and prisoner protection.


Membership in IAPPA includes the following benefits:


  • Certificate of Membership (A4)
  • IAPPA Membership PIN
  • IAPPA Membership ID-Card
  • Resumé in the IAPPA Database
  • Networking with other professionals from the IAPPA Network
  • Listing on with a direct link to your website or social media profile. (if you agree)
  • Special Discount for online courses (coming soon)


As we believe that membership in IAPPA is truly unique we have set very high standards for granting membership.


The focus is not only on the professional skills of the applicant. If you are interested in joining IAPPA please send us your application today.



Regular Membership 99€ per Year