About us

IAPPA – the International Association of Personal Protection Agents was formed in 1989 by Protective Service Agent Mr. Jim King from The United States of America.



The I.A.P.P.A. Logo 1989 - 2018

The IAPPA organization is one of the oldest and largest of its kind in the world and with its unique structure and history. IAPPA can offer professional training, advice and certified courses for security experts. 


Today IAPPA is very active in the industry with Oliver Becker, Felix Timtschenko and Charles Mallice as Executive Director - ME (Middle East). IAPPA is among the few organizations worldwide to offer a professional real world training program in executive protection and related specialized security services. Our courses and training programs are in accordance with the highest international industry standards.


IAPPA offers residential hands-on-training to students from all over the world at our training centres in Europe, Middle East and Australia. Our highly experienced and certified Instructors can offer training courses to personal protection agents, law enforcement officers, military units, commercial security agencies and others that are involved in the fields of security, law enforcement and military close protection or related security operations, including security drivers.


Today we're more than 700 Members in 32 Counties.  


Board of Directors

Oliver Becker, CCPA 


Oliver is owner of the

becker security® group and

IAPPA-The Academy in  Berlin/Germany.


He has been working in military and private security since 1990. Since 1993 he is a Certified Close Protection Agent and instructor for security professionals.


Oliver works worldwide as CCPA, consultant, manager and trainer. He is Founder of the SecuKids® - Child Protection Program 

Felix Timtschenko, CCPA


Felix is a respected expert in the field of corporate security as well as internationally sought after speaker and trainer. 20 years ago he started his career as a member of the close protection Team for the Siemens AG board.


As senior manager at Imperial Tobacco (Reemtsma), he was responsible for travel security and crisis management for 36,000 employees and more than 60 entities worldwide for eleven years.

Charles Mallice, MCiiSCM, CCPA

Executive Director - ME

Charles is the General Manager of the CONSEC Security Consultancy and the CONSEC training Institute in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 


With over 35 years of combined military, private security and CP experience, this makes him one of the most respected experts in the Middle East. Charles is also a security and law enforcement advanced instructor and Director of operations and training for IAPPA - Middle East.